Urban planning must be one of the emerging college courses. More and more people are getting into it as they realize the demand for those with a degree in it. In the past, nobody would have thought that people would want to become urban planners or urbanists one day. In fact, they probably have never even heard of the word. As the population is increasing, however, there is a greater need and demand for organization and future planning in the city. That is something that urban planners specialize in and it is no wonder that people are deciding to take the course for college.

Top Urban Planning Bachelors Degree Programs

It is interesting to note that most urban planners are in fact architects who chose to pursue higher studies. Hence, it is no wonder that one of the top bachelors degree programs in urban planning is the Bachelor of Science in architecture with a minor in architecture. It is a course that is offered by the University at Buffalo located in New York City. They also have other options such as getting a bachelor of arts in environmental design with a minor in environmental design. It is up to the student to decide which degree fits his personality and what falls under his line of interest. Opting for either one of them is definitely a wise choice.

Although the Bachelor of Science in architecture is often the first pick, there are also those who opt for a bachelors degree in architectural studies. They can pursue higher studies after that and go for a Masters in Architecture. Luckily, the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee offers such degrees. Their bachelors degree includes a course in urban planning, city planning and all the other things that an urban planner or urbanist would need in order to excel in his chosen career path.

Urban Planning Degree

Top Urban Planning Masters Degree Programs

The University at Buffalo has to be one of the most famous schools that offer a masters degree in urban planning. Naturally, they offer graduate degrees too. So before a student can apply for the masters, he must first complete a bachelors degree in architecture or environmental design. From there, he can pursue higher studies in this field or a joint masters degree in law and urban planning. It would not hurt to get a Masters Degree in Architecture too.

Aside from the University at Buffalo in New York, aspiring urban planners or urbanists can also choose to get their masters degree in the Catholic University of America in Washington DC. After completing their bachelors degree, students can opt to pursue a degree as a Master of Architecture, Master of Science in sustainable design, Master of City and Regional Planning or a Master or Architectural Studies. All paths could lead to a lucrative career in in this field.

The University of Wisconsin is yet another option. Their School of Architecture and Urban Planning offers everything that a student would need in order to start a career in the said path. They offer college degrees, and a degree in architecture. In fact, they even offer doctorate degrees should students choose to pursue even higher studies.

Top Urban Planning PhD or Doctoral Degree Programs

To get a PhD or doctoral degree in this field, it is advisable for students to take an undergraduate degree that focuses on urban planning. That way, they are already paving their career path early on. However, it is understandable that not all schools and universities offer such a degree. If there is no urban planning option, one can also go for economics geography, political science and environmental design. Those courses will be helpful as one pursues higher studies in this field later on.

After the undergraduate program, the student needs to take a masters program before pursuing a PhD. The usual masters program is Master of Science in Urban Planning or Master of Science in Public Affair. It is advisable to not go straight for your PhD after completing your masters. Most schools prefer those with work experience so that they know what it is like in terms of hands on, instead of just working on the theories that are fed to them in the classroom.

After the long and arduous task of taking the undergraduate and the masters program, students who aspire for a PhD needs to prepare their transcript of records, letter of recommendation from their professors and then finally apply for their PhD. Once admitted, you will take courses in urban theory, urban planning history, quantitative analysis and other challenging courses.

Cost of Pursuing a Degree

The cost of getting a degree in urban planning may vary depending on which school you enrol in and the exact degree that you are going for. It does not come cheap though but the good news is that you can consider it as an investment for future earnings that you are bound to have. An option should you want to decrease the cost of your education is to go for a scholarship. It is something that aspiring students have to apply for and of course, they need to maintain a certain grade for that. It is a challenge worth taking for those determined to become urban planners or urbanists.